Congrats to Nichole A. the winner of a FREE bag of Recovery! Nic’s name was drawn from the athletes which made Progenex purchases from our office during the month of September.

Each week we will be showcasing a Progenex Product to help educate ALL our athletes on how our products can help you achieve YOUR fitness goals.

This week we start off with Progenex Recovery. Recovery is a fast absorbing whey protein that tastes amazing! We recommend using Recovery post workout to immediately feed your muscles to help you recover faster and stronger. I highly recommend trying this product. Both Shay and I have used the Progenex line for years and we love it!

Progenex Recovery key points::
· Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate (WPH)
· WPH highest natural protein source of leucine and other BCAA’s
· Broken down into small peptides for fast absorption
· Provides optimal muscle building & muscle recover
· More protein per serving than other brands
· We only add sweetener and flavoring. Other brands also add fillers than are not needed.

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