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FORCE Week 9

Taking your training to the next level requires focus, energy, and stamina. It’s no wonder the fitness nutrition world abounds with pre-workout supplements that promise such effects and more. But at what cost? Jitters? Anxiety? Nausea? No thanks. PROGENEX Force’s formulation draws from the latest in scientific research to give your mind and body the power surge they need to perform, but doesn’t come with the unpleasant side effects you’ve come to expect from a pre-workout.

PROGENEX Force does all that and more. Each serving of PROGENEX Force will:

· Increase your energy, strength, stamina, clarity and mental focus.

· Maximize your ability to train harder, longer by fueling muscles and blocking fatigue pathways.

· Optimize your performance through increased blood flow, oxygen transport and the delivery of key nutrients during training.

All of the above is made possible by our proprietary Surge NOS Activator TM, our carefully calibrated nutrients (Creatine and 2:1:1 BCAA Peptides), our anti-fatigue ingredients (L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine), and our low dose addition of caffeine.

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