*CFkids Tonight! Hope to see you and the kids here:

5:30-6:00 Lions
6:00-6:30 Cubs

See our office today for a box of burn for $24.95 (30 packets)

Week 8: Burn
Burn is a cutting-edge weight management and sports performance supplement, specifically designed to increase your body’s resting metabolic rate, while protecting and preserving precious glycogen stores. Even better? It tastes like candy and pops and fizzles as it dissolves on the tongue!

Progenex BURN features DIHYDROCAPSIATES, a naturally occurring compound found in sweet peppers – scientifically proven to:

• Increase Capacity to Use Fat for Energy
• Increase Aerobic Work Capacity

Unlike other thermogenic accelerants, Progenex BURN efficiently shifts energy utilization from glycogen to fat stores. By optimizing energy metabolism, your body burns fat for fuel while preserving glycogen energy for when you need it most – crushing your workout, your competition, or achieving your goal!

Whether they’re athletes or everyday health-conscious individuals, many people find that their fitness goals depend heavily on fat loss, and finding ways to utilize fat as an energy source (rather than breaking down hard-earned muscles for fuel). Burn is designed to direct your body to the right energy source, burning more fat and keeping your muscles intact. It also increases endurance and aids in anaerobic exercise.

SUNDAY 11.19.17

Partner WOD Sunday Group @9:30am with Coach Kristin.

SATURDAY 11.18.17

Join Coach Brittany @9:30am for a GREAT Group WOD!

FRIDAY 11.17.17


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*Please pay with cash or check for this offer.
*See Jill before offer ends on Dec 31st.
Thank you!☺️


“CrossFit 906 Strong!”

WEDNESDAY 11.15.17

Join us for YOGA 906 tonight @6:30pm🙏🏻

Free for members & $5 drop-in

TUESDAY 11.14.17 Healthy alternative to pancakes: Haute Cakes

Enjoy a guilt free pancake that still tastes like a treat.

Haute Cakes:

We have packed PROGENEX Haute Cakes™ with:

• Healthy whole wheat flour
• 12g of high-quality whey protein isolate
• Our pancakes are fluffy yet filling and taste exactly the way you like.
• Enjoy a guilt-free pancake that still tastes like a treat.

Get some from CF906 today!🥞

Their reputation for both quality and taste has made PROGENEX the brand of choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Since our founding, we’ve committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients and formulating our products for maximum results. PROGENEX Haute Cakes™ stay true to our principles by delivering 12g of high-quality protein – not the cheap blends consisting of milk protein isolates and egg protein.

MONDAY 11.13.17

CFkids Tonight:
5:30-6:00 Lions
6:00-6:30 Cubs

*Yoga906 will be back to its original night this week, on Wednesday @6:30pm!

SUNDAY 11.12.17

Join Coach Kristin @9:30am for Group WOD, then hit up Yoga @10:30am. Free to members & $5 drop-in