CrossFit 906 RUN Team

“The commitment is to inspire, lead, educate with care and above all I will be relentless in motivation to get you to there!”

CrossFit 906 RUN TEAM
*Optional CrossFit 906 RUN Team Group Runs.
*Set a goal, get a plan, train, and succeed.

-Kristin J. Hillier, CrossFit Level-1 Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Certified
Yoga Level 1 Certified
CrossFit 906
610 Lakeshore Drive
Ishpeming, MI 49849

Do you want to be Faster, Better, and Stronger? As a Runner and a better athlete? Then CrossFit 906 is for you! I have gotten stronger, better and faster at running. I was able to incorporate CrossFitting into my Running Training Plan and it gave me an edge. CrossFit helped me shave 5 minutes off my Half-Marathon! I know that CrossFit definitely helped give me an endurance edge! And the proof is in the time!