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  • 3rd Annual Halloween Throwdown!


    @ 9:00am
    Modified “You’re in for a Treat”
    For time:
    400 meter run
    20 Box jumps
    20 Deadlifts
    20 Sit-ups (anchored)
    30 singles
    10 Pull-ups
    400 meter run

    “You’re in for a Treat”
    5:00pm group WOD
    For time:
    800 meter run
    30 Box jumps 30/24 inch
    25 Deadlifts 225#/155#
    20 Sit-ups (butterfly style)
    15 Double Unders (sub 3x singles)
    10 Pull-ups
    800 meter run

    It’s time for 3rd Annual Halloween Throw down!

    Everyone is welcome to bring their significant other to the party, along with a dish to pass for after the WOD. Please also bring your a beverage of your choice. There will be a $10.00 cover charge at the door for live music which plays from 7:00pm-11:00pm.

    Costumes are encouraged, but optional. See you tonight!

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