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  • Sunday 11-23-14: WOD


    Day 84 of the 100 Day Pull-up Challenge! Hilary is a mom of two baby boys and works full time. She’s been an athlete at our box for 3 1/2 years, and CrossFit through both of her pregnancies. She doesn’t let “I don’t have the time” apply to her! She also did her first full marathon this past summer. You have soo much ambition Hilary!

    For Time:
    Backsquat 135/95#
    Bench press 135/95#
    Then Row 1000m
    Air squats
    Then 100 double-unders (sub 300singles)
    Toes to bar

    Reps For time:
    Snatch (this is with a full squat)

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