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  • Sunday 2-1-15: W.O.D.


    *with Kristin

    For time:
    20 Power Cleans 95/65#
    Then strip weights and put on sled.
    50yard Sled push 95/65#
    Then strip weights and put on bar
    20 Push-press 95/65#
    Then strip weights and put on sled
    50yard Sled push 95/65#
    Then strip weights and put on bar
    20 Deadlifts 95/65#
    Sprint 75yards to Rowers
    Row 1000m to Finish.

    (Women’s sled has to have a 35# weight to start and men’s has to be 45#. That one weight stays on the sled and just the bar weight gets added and stripped. That’s how the sled weight will equal 95 and 65 in this wod as well.)
    *Please note this WOD will be done 4 athletes at a time. The second group of 4 can start before the first 4 are done, and as soon as the first four start the row and so on…

    If you attend a busy time and need to wait, cheer your fellow athletes on from the sides of the turf.

    In a time crunch and can’t wait your turn to use the sled? No biggie, just do the OnRamp instead.
    Thanks all! Should be a good one!

    For time:
    Double unders (sub 3x singles)

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