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TUESDAY 3.28.17

Play hard, work harder!💪🏻

MONDAY 3.27.17

CFKIDS TONIGHT: Lions 5:30PM Cubs 6:00PM Friday night Group WOD/OnRamp Time goes back to 5:30pm, this Friday 3/31/17!


PARTNER WOD today @ 9:30am! Bring a partner or get paired up when you get there! Promised to be a FUN WOD!!!

SATURDAY 3.25.17

Congrats to all our athletes who did 17.5 yesterday💥 Come and cheer on the next group at 11am today😊

FRIDAY 3.24.17 “17.5”

Friday Night Lights will begin at 5:30pm. Come and cheer on your athletes! A WARM UP 1) Tabata Jump Rope Drill Set #1- 8 intervals. 1- Singles 2- Side to Side bunny hop 3- Alternating legs 4- In and out … Continue reading