CrossFit Kids


Your child will…
*Learn confidence and develop character.
*Learn to follow instructions.
*Become smarter (exercise improves brain function).
*Become healthier through functional (and fun) exercise.
*Become better behaved through improved hormonal balance.
*Reward your the most important little people in your life by giving the gift of Health!

It’s everything we love about CrossFit combined into a kid-friendly version:
*Functional Fitness
CrossFit Kids will teach your kids self-confidence, discipline, and the power of hard work. And they will go to sleep quicker and sleep longer…woohoo!

CrossFit Kids 906 logo

Parents can purchase a punch card. 10 class Punch cards are $60 for CF906 members, $70 for non-members. They are valid for a 6 month term.

Age groups:
Cubs: ages 3-5
Lions: ages 5-10
CF Teens: ages 11 and up

Every Monday evening:
* 5:30-6:00 Lions
* 6:00-6:30 Cubs

If you have any questions, please stop by our gym or call 486-8FIT and leave us a message.