Bob Swanson


In August of 2013, my daughter, Melissa Swanson, asked me if I wanted to go with her to CrossFit 906 on a “Bring a Friend” Saturday. She and a friend had started about a year earlier and my youngest son, Brad, had been involved in Las Vegas for several years.

I initially heard about CrossFit from my son Brad. On one occasion in 2011, I went to his box in Las Vegas and watched him do a WOD. I was impressed.

So, on August 17, 2013, this 64 year old man was introduced to CrossFit 906. I was given a warm welcome and the workout I did was scaled to my needs. I went back to do my baseline on August 22nd, and I was hooked! I was impressed with the help and acceptance I was given by the trainers who worked with me (Kristin, Nic, Shannon and Ang). It was a gym experience like I had never had before!

I started with ring rows and bench pushups. Now, over a year later, I am using a blue band for pull ups and can do 25 strict pushups. I ran my first 5K EVER within the last month! I couldn’t run 200 meters without needing to stop and walk a year ago.

For the past 15 years, I have been an avid bicyclist, logging about 20,000 miles. I thought I was in reasonably good shape. My involvement in CrossFit has shown me that I had very limited flexibility and poor core and upper body strength. Those things have greatly improved in the last year.
I am not yet where I want to be, but I am very pleased to not be where I used to be.

This spring, I began training for an 18 mile walk in Philadelphia at the end of June. In the process of this training, I became frustrated with my weight loss and foot and lower back soreness. In July, my wife and I decided to embark upon a doctor designed and approved food plan to enhance weight loss. With the help of a nutritionist, I was able to modify my food intake to accommodate my CrossFit Training.

Since July 14th, I have lost 45 pounds and 18.25 inches. I can’t remember when I have felt so good about my appearance and my physical abilities!
I am very grateful to the CrossFit 906 staff (and the other athletes) for always being there to answer questions and provide direction and encouragement. This is the best experience in physical fitness ever!

I highly recommend CrossFit 906 to anyone wanting to improve their overall fitness!

Thank you,

John & Angie R.

john andgi

My CrossFit Journey:
After many years of trying every diet program and fad, we decided to join a gym. In July of 2012 we joined Anytime Fitness because I was convinced there was NO WAY I could ever do CrossFit and not die. After six months I was bored to tears, I had tried talking to a trainer there for my “FREE CONSULT” and I pretty much got the feeling I was wasting her time.
I had enough! I talked to John and asked if we could give CrossFit a try, we had just been to a health expo thing and it intrigued me. We had to give Anytime a 30 day notice so I contacted Jill and set up my “consult” AKA BASELINE with Ang. I had read the bios and I was inspired by her story and the results she got. I’m telling you, I was TERRIFIED but determined that I wanted to change my lifestyle. I wanted to be able to do more and not be so tired from doing nothing. I wanted to be able to keep up with my granddaughter when she got older.
So in January of 2013, I walked into CrossFit 906 wearing my NO Whining t-shirt and met with Ang. She went over the On Ramp process and I was excited to have a trainer for 6 weeks to tell me what to do, how to do it, and how they modify the beginners to prevent injuries. Then it was time for “THE BASELINE” 500m Row (ok) – 40 squats to a ball (yeah right) – 30 sit ups (maybe) – 20 pushups (could I even do 5) and 10 pull ups on a big rubber band (OMG!) well after we went over all of the modifications of each move and the goal was to try and modify – 3 – 2 – 1 – GO!!!
I made it through without dying and I felt so good I could not wait to start, even though for the next week I couldn’t walk, sit, or lift anything! I knew that once I started on ramp that would change.
For any doubters out there, let me tell you, I have never met such a wonderful group of owners, trainers, and members. People I don’t know telling me I’m doing great, giving me a high five. Even though I finished last they waited for me and cheered me on. It hasn’t changed either since graduating to the WOD. Other gyms have their “ELITE” athletes who pretty much are annoyed to share the same space as you. OURS encourages you, advises you, pushes you to do better and make you feel that you belong. Since joining CF906 I have lost 50# and 34 inches. I can dead lift 240# and I just ran a half marathon (13.1 miles). I can keep up with our granddaughter Leah; run, play, jump, and climb. John and I can do more things and enjoy activities we NEVER did before and I owe it to our BOX, Shay and Jill, the trainers and John. I’m not done with my goals but I will get there with my WOD partner and hubby John. Even after a year and 4 months we still try to beat each other on time and who can look at the WOD first each night. Thank you John for agreeing to join CF906 with me and thank you Jill and Shay for opening such a magical place!

When Angie said she wanted us to try CrossFit 906 I honestly wanted nothing to do with it. I was happy at your typical gym just down the road. But we weren’t getting anywhere there and it was always crowded. So I said “sure, let’s try it.” , then came the baseline. “WOW!” is all I can say. Rowing as fast as you can, squats, sit ups, pushups, and pull ups. After I was done, I darn near passed out! Then came the next few days after, we have 4 measly steps into our house and it took all I had to get up and down them I thought I was in better shape than that! I started right away with the on ramp classes. The trainers here are top notch! They teach you proper technique of the movements and they make sure you’re doing them right during the workout. During on ramp you can be very intimidated at first, until you see how encouraging the trainers and all the other athletes are. There is not another gym like that besides CrossFit. It’s like they say, it’s not a gym, it’s a community of friends helping and cheering each other on. I have been here for almost a year and a half and have lost just over 30# but more important it’s the inches that have gone away. I love how short and intense the workouts are. Before I would walk on a treadmill for half an hour, than an elliptical, then try and figure out what I was going to do next. The great thing about CrossFit is you know what you are going to do that day, it’s written on the board. I have been known to hang around after the workouts, gab, help cleanup, and encourage others. When new athletes come in to do their baseline I say “Welcome to your worst and best day ever at CrossFit 906.” I now have the stamina to shovel off my entire front roof without stopping. Never could I do that before. In closing, I want to thank Jill and Shay for a top notch facility and can’t wait for the new box. Also to every trainer, thanks for helping me get my life back! I am able to keep up with my granddaughter! Most importantly I want to thank my wife, Angie, for getting me to try CrossFit.
-John R.

Bill D.


My story, to some degree, started the same time Shay’s did. We were sitting at work one day, five years ago, bemoaning how fat we were. (I can attest that Shay did indeed have a gut!!) I told him how I was reading diet books trying to figure how to eat better to lose weight while he talked about the zone diet. I was working out at the Y, not a lot, but some and Shay told me how he had just started exercising with Jill doing this “crossfit” workout. Well you know what happened to Shay (poor guy, losing all that weight).

What happened to me, not much! I would lose a little, gain it back, up and down. Exercise some, sometimes not. When I would ask, Shay would talk about the diet and the exercising. He encouraged me to join him. I did a couple of times, but I’m not a natural gym rat. I’m a really good couch potato. He lent me his copy of the zone diet. The one thing going for me was I had been slowly, for years, changing my diet for the better. After reading about the zone diet, I tweaked my diet some more. But still no serious exercise.

When Shay and Jill opened up the closet, (it’s hard to call the first Box a Box, maybe shoebox), Shay wanted me to join; I think he was tired of hearing me whine. Again he invited me over, and I would do some workouts, but only a few. I told him when he opened the bigger one, I would join.

They opened the bigger box and I finally joined. Shannon and Nicole were great getting me through the on-ramp. It took some time before I got in a good rhythm of working out around my shift work and I still run into times were it is difficult to get in a workout. In the first year or so, my gaps were long, month or two at a time. So no noticeable change, though each time I came back I realized I didn’t lose much strength, just endurance.

Finally, last January, I made a resolution to not let the gaps be long. I weighed 180, my 34’’ jeans were tight in the waist and my belly was still big. I was still on a black band doing pull-ups. I was winded doing any running, and could barely bench 115 lbs. I set a goal of bench pressing my body-weight, no band kipping pull ups and “Fran” Rx’d in under 10 minutes. “Fran” was the very first WOD I ever did. I nearly passed out half way through, but did finish it after resting for about 20 minutes.

Nine months later, I lost the bands. I recently reached a new bench press PR of 160 lbs, not body weight, but close. Just a couple of weeks ago, “Fran” was the workout. I Rx’d it but it took 10:45. I am on my way to reaching those goals. Also I measured my waist early last year and it was 40”, just the other day Megan measured me and I was down to 38”. The belly is shrinking, the weight is below 170lbs and I feel great.

My favorite time to work out is in the morning with the ladies. If you ever work out with Laurie and/or Vanda, you have no room to whine. I am more inspired watching those two give there all during a WOD than anyone I have ever watched. Nicole, Becky and Tanya ensure I am not going too light, always making sure I am properly pushing the limit as we scale the WOD’s.

I’ve worked out with Shay only a handful of times. I wonder how much effort he puts in, because I think he just watches me do my rounds, encouraging me and then after, fine tuning my technique. He is a nut about form.

What I like about crossfit is not having to figure out what workout I’m going to do and workouts that don’t take a lot of time. When I went to the ‘Y’, I had to figure out what I was going to do. At the Box, you can get in, the WOD is on the board, and get it done. If you want to start before the group, no problem, they will cheer you on, while they warm up. Everyone (without exception) encourages, never discourages; I never heard anyone at other gyms cheer you on.

I have finally found a gym I WANT to go to. I’m finally getting results which continues to encourage me to go. I encourage anyone who wants to lose weight and gain strength, to join.

Thank you Jill and Shay for opening Crossfit 906.

John H.


Several years ago my wife, Jaime, joined CrossFit and since day one she told me I had to join. All she talked about was “CrossFit this” and “CrossFit that”. I told her there was no way I was EVER going to join the CrossFit “cult“! Well, on April 13th 2012 I surrendered to pressure and joined CrossFit 906.

Oh Boy! Starting out at a weight of 309 lbs. and after basically a 28 year hiatus from any type of physical activity, I thought I was going to die during my first workout. I learned later that the workout was just a baseline which confirmed how out of shape I really was. From that day on, I promised myself I would consistently follow the CrossFit program from on-ramp to working out – 3 days on, one day off. I knew I was not the fastest or strongest guy but I would work hard at a safe pace and push myself to get stronger.

During this journey I found my new favorite word – “REALLY!!!???” “Lift what over my head how many times? Really?” “Hang from a bar and touch my feet to my elbows? Really?” Well, one year later I am 70 lbs. lighter and have 7 inches less of fat on my waist alone. I am much stronger and truly believe I have a shot at being in better shape when I hit age 50 than when I was at 18.

It turns out that what I jokingly referred to as a cult has become an extended family to me. I have never felt more at home than when I am at the box. My CrossFit 906 family is the most encouraging, motivating, friendly and competitive group of individuals I have ever met. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and have fun, try CrossFit 906.

-John (Bear) Harrington





I started my weight loss journey about 3 months before I joined CF. I had lost 20 pounds walking/jogging on my treadmill, but I was getting bored. I had to think of something else to do or else I was going to fail.

I was out with the family running some errands and have driven by CrossFit 906 many times, this time I asked if we could stop so I could check it out. By chance, Jill was there that afternoon and she set up a consult for the next day. I had no idea what I was in for. (Literally I didn’t know what CrossFit was) When I arrived for my consult with Ali I was so nervous, she showed me around “The Box” then took me through my baseline to determine where I was physically. She told me that it would take 5 to 7 minutes to complete; just over 7 minutes later I had completed half. When leaving CrossFit 906 I knew that this was something I wanted to try, even after the days following my baseline and being so sore I looked forward to starting on-ramp.

On November 26, 2012 I became a member at CrossFit 906. While on on-ramp I was taught the proper techniques of using weights and my own body as a machine. I have strengthened my back, hips and knees and no longer suffer the pain I did on a daily basis. My goal when becoming a Crossfitter was to lose weight and gain muscle. I have done both and so much more, I have lost a total of 37 lbs and 31 3/4 inches. I have begun to see definition in my arms, legs and my back. I have increased my confidence and lowered my feelings of depression.

I look forward to my morning workouts; I have seen myself progress and become capable of things I never thought I could do. I am dedicated to making this work, it is hard work but it has paid off beyond what I have expected.

When asked if I would do a Bio for CrossFit 906 my first reaction was “NO WAY, I cannot put myself out there!” however if I could help one person to get where I am today I know it will be worth it. I have learned that the voice in my head is a liar and will tell me I cannot do it long before my body fails. I’ve taught myself to listen to my body and not that voice.

I would like to end with saying that as a shy person involved closely with my family (wife and mother of 4) this was out of the box for me to try. I have overcome many obstacles and made a few accomplishments as well, my newest goal is to complete a 5K by the end of summer.

If you’re thinking about trying this out, I say get started now… go do a burpee!
– Jolene

Chris Sgouris


January 10, 2012, I received the results of my work health screen and realized that I needed to make a major change to my lifestyle. I knew I was a little over weight (if you consider 50lbs a little). However, it wasn’t just the weight that concerned me, these recent results showed my blood pressure and cholesterol were high too. If I didn’t do something now then I would be on medication and I was way too young for that to be my option. Not knowing how I got to this point (as I was always active in high school and college) I knew I needed to do something not only for me but for my six month old son (my pride and joy).

And thus my fitness journey began. I knew I needed to find a gym, preferably one that was open 24hrs to fit my staggered work schedule, but I had feebled attempts in the past at these globo sorts of gyms, only to have my motivation lost after the first couple of weeks. I knew this time; I had to find something different. Then a friend mentioned CrossFit 906. And of course off to their website I went. I was immediately intrigued and thought just maybe this could be what I needed. So, I got on the phone and scheduled my consultation for January 17, 2012.

Not sure what to expect I walked in ready to go, or so I thought! I got the tour from Shawn, filled out my waiver (for the timed baseline). I felt pretty confident and thought I got this. Boy was I wrong! After the baseline, I could hardly walk, breath, sit and how I managed to drive home is still a mystery to me. As I lay on my couch that night, I couldn’t believe that after only 6 minutes and 47 seconds (of pretty simple movements) I could be this beat. But ironically it was a great feeling and I was hooked. I went back the next day to start my On Ramp and the rest is history.

It sure has been a journey these past two years. I have missed days here and there and even a week or two only to find myself pissed as you get that baseline soreness all over again. But, it is all worth it. I have lost nearly 30 inches and between 40 – 45lbs. And most important I feel awesome. My wife joined shortly after I did and now my son enjoys going to the box as well. We can’t wait for him to start CrossFit Kids this summer.

I just want to say thank you to everybody I have met at CrossFit 906. There are too many names to list from the girls in the morning, who do not like my taste in music, to all the trainers you guys are amazing, and to all my fellow athletes thank you!!! And of course to Shay and Jill, if it weren’t for you none of this would be possible. You guys are truly amazing and thank you so much for bringing your passion of CrossFit to the rest of us.

I am so proud to be part of the CrossFit 906 family and so grateful for the lifestyle change it has given me!!

— Chris Sgouris



July 2011, Shay was 2.5 years into CrossFit. The photo on the right is current

Shay’s progress over the years-
“Filthy Fifty”
7-10-09: 35:54 1-2013: 26:45 Rx’d
3-6-09: 11:11 Blue band pull-ups Feb. 2013: 7:41 Rx’d
7-27-09: 18 rounds PR now: 25 rounds
9-29-09: 22:10 Blue band pull-ups 9-18-12: 16:21 Rx’d
9-14-09: 10:23 Rx’d 4-13-12: 6:11 Rx’d
10-11-09: Blue band pull-ups 45# 4:54 PR now: 2:26 Rx’d
CrossFit Total
1-24-09: 495 Total PR now: 945 Total
Back Squat 155# BS 365#
Shoulder Press 95# SP 170#
Deadlift 245# DL 410#
3-22-09: 28/65
Bench press (scaled) 135#: 5-5-6-6-6
Pull-ups 15-15-15-10-10
Jan. 2013: 64/120
Bench Press Rx’d body weight 175#: 19-15-12-10-8
Pull-ups 45-23-21-16-15

Favorite workout:
“I love bodyweight workouts for time.”

Least favorite workout:
“I have some work to do on overhead squats.”

What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit?
“Form comes first. Keep the load light until you master the basics. Don’t get discouraged by comparing yourself to anyone else. Do it for yourself.”

What is the best part of running the box and CrossFitting at CF906?
“Being around all of our athletes, meeting new people, and pushing one another in our workouts.”

“Shay began CrossFitting Jan. of 2009. We sure wish we had a shirtless before CrossFit photo of Shay. Unfortunately we are unable to find one, but if we could, you would have see a soft body with a very evident beer belly. I swear when I was pregnant for Lola Shay got pregnant right along with me..haha. It may be hard to believe but it was very true! Soo proud of you babe! You are an AMAZING athlete, coach, husband and dad. We all look up to you. I love WODing with you every day.”
♥ – Jill

Jenny B.



The battle of weight and body image has been part of my life since 2005. In January 2010, I finally said enough was enough. I had hit rock bottom at my highest weight of 186lbs. I had turned to Dr. Griffin, a weight loss specialist, who helped introduce physical fitness back into my life. She also stressed healthy eating, which was foreign to me, but with the help of an awesome dietician, Monica, it was made possible. The day I left my first office visit, I knew my determination for a better self worth and image was going to be key to being successful and reaching my goals. I never set a goal of a certain weight to achieve, I just wanted to be happy and comfortable in my own skin. After watching the scale drop 39lbs in a short 2 months, with hard work, 5 days a week at the gym for at least an hour of cardio and a few weights, I was on a high. My goal of self acceptance was being achieved.
In due time, that hour + of cardio 5 days a week, while working a full time job was not realistic anymore. My time with my family (husband and 2 children) was diminishing and so did my exercise and healthy eating. I found myself not fitting into my “skinny jeans” anymore and the scale was reading a 16lb weight gain from my weight loss. I know 16lbs wasn’t much compared to where I had started, but I was determined not to go back to the beginning. I had promised myself I would never feel the way I did about my body image like I had at my heaviest.
A friend of mine knew my struggle and concern, through conversations and that’s when he introduced a thing called crossfit. He said he had, had success with the program, but the selling point for me was the time it took for the workouts. After carefully researching, video watching, and contemplating ( 2 ½ months to be exact) I decided to pay a visit to Crossfit 906. After doing my first workout, the baseline, I left a little dizzy, sick, and weak on my feet. I thought to myself, yeah right, I don’t think this place is for me. I not only didn’t like the way it made me feel physically, but also emotionally. It was frustrating for me to leave the place so discouraged and feeling as though I was back to square one in my journey. With encouragement I decided to sign up for the 6 week onramp classes that had no strings attached to a permanent “membership”. In doing so and only after a few classes, I realized that I had the same feelings and drive to succeed as I did in the beginning of my journey. I had set sites on goals of weights to lift and times to beat. When I repeated a couple of the workouts from the onramp classes and noticed my weights were heavier and my times were better, I knew then, that this program was working for me. I was feeling stronger and accomplished with every workout. Yes there were times where I didn’t think I was going to be able to go back the next day due to sore muscles, ripped hands, or fatigue but knowing that others were feeling the same way, I kept going. Everyone at the box could relate to anyone of those feelings at least once, if not multiple times within their personal journey. I know this is true because I have made some awesome friends at Crossfit 906. It’s great to connect with others on such a personal level where they may be showing one of their weakest moments when enduring pain. And at the same time, sharing myself on a personal level by not caring about that sweat angel I may make when laying on the floor, recovering from giving it my all, or that grunt/noise that may come out of my mouth when lifting that heavy weight (grunting is encouraged).
I have been a crossfit athlete at 906 since January 2012 and still going strong. I love the friendships I have made, I look forward to the chit chats after the workouts, sometimes that last over an hour. The encouragement, cheers, and support help me to keep going back. Even though we are all our own people, we all have a few things in common and that’s the love for CROSSFIT, HEALTH, ACCOMPLISHMENT, and SELF- WORTH! 3..2..1.. GO!
-Jenny Bosworth

Jen B.


How many times have you heard this? My CrossFit consult overwhelmed me! The box was loud and packed with people doing pull-ups, overhead squats and other movements I had no desire to try. Although my baseline was not too horrible, I left the box unconvinced I was right for CrossFit.

I had been sedentary for over a year caring for my sick brother and he passed away in August 2011, two months before my initial consult. I mention this not to be morbid, but because I came to CrossFit out-of-shape, sad, and acutely aware that my mother and both of my brothers died in their 50’s, and my father at 65. So here I was, 53 at the time, intimidated by my first CrossFit experience but also determined to live strong and healthy for as long as possible. I knew sitting on my arse wasn’t going to produce the results I wanted, so I made the first small commitment for on-ramp and then I would re-evaluate.

My first week was tough—I hurt, and my fellow on-rampers looked about half my age. Everyone could work faster and with heavier weight. Right from the start I needed to modify—which was a godsend because it kept me moving while I gained strength and endurance. The CrossFit hook was set one morning with an on-ramp which included 30 pull-ups, 40 burpees, and 50 thrusters. Ugh! Did I mention I hate burpees? I used a black band on the pull-ups, pushed out as many burpees as I could, struggled through the thrusters with a 15 pound bar—and then, dead tired, I went back and finished the rest of those miserable burpees. Surprisingly, those forty floppy, broken up burpees gave me confidence. I did my best and didn’t quit when I was dog-tired. I knew then that I would continue CrossFit. I was taking control of my health, meeting fun people, and for some crazy reason, getting up extremely early to do the WOD before work made me happy—and I needed some joy in my life.

Through CrossFit 906 I have gained strength, confidence, made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and I feel fit. I have lost twenty pounds and three pant sizes. I began unconvinced I was suited for CrossFit and discovered it perfectly suited me. I can do it my way, which seems to me to be pretty true with CrossFit. My goal with each WOD is to complete all rounds and repetitions but modify the weight and movements as needed. I complete every WOD. I rest when I am tired. I appreciate the trainers who have guided me and I appreciate all of the crossfitters with whom I have shared workouts. But especially, my gratitude goes to Jill and Shay for creating a box that feels like home.

-Jen B.

Dave M.


My best friend Pat J. had been remarking about how much he enjoyed going to CrossFit 906. I was hesitant at first, cause I’m not a “gym” type of guy. But I was in desperate need of change. I had been sick with various ailments for over a year, and was recovering from a long term shoulder injury. I pretty much just felt crappy all the time. My on-ramp experience was tough, but it was fun. I actually got excited about CrossFit, and couldn’t wait to see what the next w.o.d. would be! I learned that I actually really enjoy working out with a group, something I never thought would happen. And with the help and motivation of the coaches and my fellow athletes, I can now do things I’ve never been able to do! I’ve lost 60+ lbs. since joining a year ago. Everything about me has changed. I’m stronger, faster and more confident in my daily activities, but what’s most important to me is being a good healthy role model for my son. I cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone at CrossFit 906! I now sing the praises of CrossFit to everyone I come in contact with! 3-2-1-GO! -Dave

Kristie P.


Before starting CrossFit last July I hadn’t worked out in many years. I had been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in 2004 and subsequently had a double Anterior Spinal Fusion later that year. The recovery period was 12 months and after it was all said and done I was out of pain but extremely weak. I would take the occasional walk with a girlfriend to “exercise” and that was the extent of any physical activity I was going to do.

Two years ago I start seeing all this talk on Facebook about WOD’s…..What the heck is a WOD??? Soon it was obvious this was some type of exercise program and my first reaction was that it seemed much too strenuous for me. All the lifting was just going to hurt my back, plus I was pretty sure I couldn’t lift anything even if I wanted to. I hadn’t even carried a laundry basket in almost 7 years. But I was drawn to it, kept looking at the posts and the workouts and all the people having great results and obviously loving it. Around this time I turned 39 and the picture above was taken within a few days of my birthday.

I looked at that picture and almost swallowed my tongue. Who is that person in the picture?? That’s not me?? I knew I’d put on weight, especially in the middle, but until I saw the picture I hadn’t realized how noticeable my weight gain had been. Not only was the weight gain an issue but at my last Dr. visit my cholesterol was 270 and I was starting to have neck problems because my muscles in my back had become so weak. It was time to do something and quick. I was not going to turn 40 in this condition.

So that week I talked to a friend who was a member at CrossFit 906 and she set me up with an appointment with Jill. I went and did my baseline and was hooked. I never looked back and I can’t imagine my life without my workouts. Obviously I had to start slow, in fact I couldn’t even do one pull up with the heaviest band when I started, I had to use the rings. I couldn’t do a push up, nor could I run 400 without stopping. I started at my own pace and never felt pressure to do anything I wasn’t physically ready to do.

With a lot of hard work and encouragement I now am on the smallest purple band for my pull-ups, I have ran five 5k’s in the past year and yes I can do a “boy” push up. Definitely there are things I can’t do because of my back, so I just substitute or modify that exercise into something I can do. I am also down 10 lbs, went from a size 12 to an 8, my cholesterol is 140 and I feel better than I did when I was 20 years old.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the CrossFit family. I have met some wonderful people and made lasting friendships, I am especially grateful for my workout partner Hilary R. who has been with me since the first month I started. Thank you to all the trainers and Jill and Shay for helping me to become healthy and strong. This has truly been one of the best years of my life.


Tom S.


The fall of 2008 I was approaching 185 lbs. and having a tough time fitting into my clothes. I was out of shape and the biggest I’ve ever been! Sure, I walked and snow shoed (depending on the season) all day at work, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. We had just moved back to Ishpeming that summer and I got back into cross country skiing during the winter of 2008/09 and biking the summer of 2009.

By the time 2010 came along I was 155 lbs and I thought in the best shape of my life! I could ski 30k without even giving it a second thought. Biking 30 miles became an everyday thing. I was competing in several bike races each summer, but I knew I wasn’t getting any stronger. I knew I needed to add strength training to my arsenal to improve to the next level, but I was having a tough time figuring out how/when to do it since there wasn’t a 24/7 ‘gym’ in Ishpeming back then. Then one day while reading the paper I saw a ribbon cutting photo for some new place called CrossFit906 that had recently opened in Ishpeming. The write-up stated that it was open 24/7 for members. Perfect! Now there was a place I could go after the kids went to bed and lift.

I called the number to find out more and talked to Jill. She said that we needed to do a consult and asked if I could come in one day that week. It didn’t really fit my schedule so I balked at going. That night I decided that I just needed to do it, so I called her back and set it up for January 27, 2011.

The first time I walked into the old box is a moment I’ll never forget! The music was cranked, weights were flying, there was shouting, and I thought to myself, “What the heck is this! I just came here to lift!” A few of us were gathered by the door waiting for our consult, all very unsure about what we were about to get into. We found out in short order! I did my first baseline that evening and I haven’t looked back! Jill and Shay pushed me hard for the next several weeks. I guess they knew more than I did about my own abilities.

CrossFit has become a way of life for me, my go-to sport. I still bike and ski, but not nearly as much. I’ve gotten into running races, learned about Olympic style lifting (lifts that I’ve always wanted to do), and CrossFit helps to satisfy my competitive drive.

It’s been quite a journey: from just looking for a place to lift to get stronger and barely being able to get out of bed the first few weeks, to seeing old friends and classmates come in looking to make lifestyle changes, and making a ton of new friends. Now I know I’m in the best shape of my life!




I began my journey with CrossFit 906 this past August. I have always made exercise a very important part of my life. I have done many workout videos, aerobic and strength classes, and just walking and running over the years. I had a wonderful journey with some amazing people that I continue to wourkout with, but we had to move in different directions. At that time Jill approached me about giving 906 a try. I was always intrigued by CrossFit, but was a bit skeptical about moving from my comfort zone. I had received wonderful results with what I was doing, but I also put in many hours a week doing so. With that said, I have to admit I had to wrap my brain around the fact that I could get amazing results in half the time with short, intense workouts.

Since August I have seen tremendous results with these short, intense workouts. I have shaved up to 3 minutes off of my 5k runs and have noticed more definition in my legs, arms, and abs. I no longer have to use my hand weights to get scultped. And I love that I can do it in a fraction of the time. The combinations that are thrown our way each day continually trick our muscles and lead to amazing results.

I have to admit that I was extremely nervous beginning this new journey and still get nervous before I begin my workouts. I step into the Box every day being my own competitor. I am working against myself knowing that everyone there has their own strengths and weaknesses. I have always felt extremely welcomed and encouraged. The trainers have been great!!!! I also love the fact that I am able to workout any time and that the workouts are set up for me every day. No thought needed.

So now to all of you deciding where to begin your New Years Resolution journey….give 906 a try, you will be hooked in an instant!!!!

— Rachel



October 10th, 2011 will be a day I’ll never forget! My mind set to blank and not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was just going with the flow, the doors opening to a box and I’m asking myself, “Are you ready?” Jill and Shay were doing the consult and there I was sitting there looking around and not knowing what was going on. Jill was talking about the box, and honestly I don’t know what else she said because it went in one ear and out the other. I more or less paying attention to the athletes doing a workout. Later that day my mom asked me, “Are you really going to stick this out, you can’t even walk up the stairs?” For a couple of months I had my boss not liking it when I’d show up to work sore, complaining when I had to lift stuff, and saying ouch when I would walk. I just told myself this is just the beginning and it will get better!!

I joined CrossFit 906 because I needed a change, hearing from the doctor at the age of 23 that you have high blood pressure! It was an eye opener! Since joining CrossFit 906 and 13 months later, I have lost 12 inches, and 30 pounds, but I gained a lot confidence, the ability to say “I can”, and most of all many friends! I am stronger than I’ve ever been, I feel so much better than I ever thought I would, eating healthy and hearing great news from the doctors!

At CrossFit 906 I have people coming up to me and saying, “You are an inspiration!” I thought I would never hear that! With hearing that it pushes me more and pushes me to keep going! I walk into the gym like everyone else with a job that has to be done! With no workout background I’m proud for sticking it out and finding my true love, working out!!

With CrossFit 906 I ran several races and look forward to the future of doing many more and my goals of running a ½ marathon and a full marathon! CrossFit906 is not only a box you can go to and throw weights around, do squats, pull ups ect., its joining a family that cares about you on the inside!

I’ve had many ups and downs in the past year but most of all there is always a box that is welcoming and Jill and Shay are the main people to thank for that! They’ve opened a new opportunity to all kinds of people! And thanks to all of the trainers Tina, Kristin, Bucky, Nate, Shawn, Ali, Ang, and Shan who always believed in me and told me I can do it!!

— Kathy



I am 51 years old, married for 32 years, a mother and grandmother. I have worked at the Marquette county medical care facility for 23 years.

In 2000 I finally quit smoking cigarettes. One year later, and 20 pounds heavier I joined a local gym as all my clothes were pretty snug and I wanted to be healthy and feel good about myself. So I worked out at the gym for 10 years, six days a week for 1-1 1/2 hours a day, and on top of that circuit trained with a group. After that came to an end and 6 months later, I finally stepped into the CF906 box thanks to Nichole who been talking to me about this “thing called crossfit” for a few months. The first workout, my baseline, kicked my butt! I remember Jill asking me if I was ok at some point after I finished, as I must of looked a bit nauseous. From that day on I was hooked, and that was April of 2011.

I signed up for a nutrition session that CF906 offers, and was introduced to the Zone diet. So I gave that a try too. Now here I am, 25 pounds lighter with many inches lost! And not to mention happy and healthy! A big and heartfelt thank you to Jill, Shay, Nichole and all of the trainers at the box for all you have done for me. I can’t thank you all enough.




I started at CrossFit 906 in December of 2011. I went to the old box with the old barn door and worked with Shay for my baseline. Let me tell you I thought I was going to DIE!! I could barely walk and EVERY part of my body hurt, but I kept coming back. I couldn’t squat to a medicine ball, I could barely squat to the 20” box! It was pathetic! Since then, I have improved in EVERYTHING that I have tried. I NEVER exercised before, ever. What drew me to CF906 was the fact that the workouts were short, if I was going to do this, I didn’t want to have to spend a lot of time doing it.

Since joining CF906, I have lost inches! Like Nate, I didn’t get measured when I started. I have been measured once, but need to get measured again. But for me, it isn’t all about how much weight I’ve lost (which is now 21 pounds) or how many inches I’ve lost, it’s about how I feel and how my clothes fit. I’m happy to say that most of my closet is getting too big for me. I started out working in long pants with the goal of wearing a pair of the short workout shorts. While I’m not there yet, I am on the way to my goal.

My favorite part of working out at CF906 is the camaraderie, the support, and NO JUDGEMENT!!! No one judges me if I eat ice cream or if I haven’t been to the gym in a week. But everyone is there to support me when I am there, during my workouts, and through shout outs on the website! I really believe that EVERYONE can CrossFit and that everyone should CrossFit at CF906!

— Angela

The quick work outs were just what I needed. I work full time and a mother of 3 busy kids, I sure didn’t have time to 1-2 hour classes. I couldn’t wait to see until a repeated W.O.D to see if I could beat myself and its time. The trainers began to see me as an individual and what I could do and would up my weights and encourage me to go that little bit more. I waited for my next session. The soreness is a feeling of a great workout, the sweat is a a sign of hard work, and the inches lost and lbs off the scale are my proud moments!! The whole thing has been great and I don’t plan on stopping!


2547 2527

I started at CrossFit 906 on Jan. 27, 2011, because it was time for me to get moving again.

When I started at CF906 I was not able to do one pull up on the black band without Shay or Jill under my feet lifting me up over the bar, I am not kidding, just ask them and they will let you know that they had their own workout while I was “trying” to have mine. They were always positive and told me that I will be able to do this on my own, at the time; I truly did not believe them because my arms were so weak. From day one, that was my goal, to be able to do a pull-up on my own. Currently, I am able to do pull-ups and have moved from the black band to the green band.

25352528It has been 7 months since I have started at CF906 and I am happy to say that I am down 10+lbs. and have lost inches. For women, the most important thing I can say is that I am down pant sizes, which means more to me than the weight loss.

Currently my two daughters’ have joined me in my workouts and it has been fun working out as a family.

Thank you, Jill and Shay, for being so positive and encouraging me to keep going and to not give up.

— Tamara


When I started CF in December of 2010, I was a out of shape 198lbs. After my first few workouts and watching tons of youtube videos of athletes performing the same workouts at a much more higher level than me, it inspired me to continue and make it a goal to get Fran in the low three minutes. I figured if I can do Fran in the low three minutes I would look like that guy (youtube Navy Seal does Fran). I’m still not there, but I am in the mid 4’s rx’d. Within the first month I felt myself progressing in the workouts, getting stronger and more determined. Although the weight wasn’t coming off (maybe a couple pounds), I didnt care because I knew I was getting more fit. My first time through the “On-Ramp” compared to the second and post baseline I was like a completely different person from a few weeks ago. I switched to the “Work Out of the Day” after “On-Ramp” doing the 3 on and 1 off.

I never got measured when I first started CF (I wish I would have), March 30, 2010 I got measured for the first time and waited 3 months to do so again. At that point I had lost 3 3/4″ just off my waist alone and 10.5″ all together. I was also down about 15lbs.

In June I wanted to reap the benefits of the Zone Diet (which isn’t a typical “Diet”). Once I started the Zone I had more energy in my workouts and again I started to lose weight, but gain lean muscle. My goal is not to lose a bunch of weight, but to be fit and do Fran in the low 3 minutes (and do double unders in a WOD).

CrossFit works as long as you stay true to the program and more importantly to YOURSELF. It’s not about what the person next to you can do (but I use it as motivation), it’s not about you having to be in shape to start Crossfit. It’s about showing up and doing the WOD on a regular basis (3 on 1 off). If you do that, you will get the results. Today I weigh 174lbs and can do things I never dreamed of. I enjoy Crossfit, I find it a competition everyday within myself. Thank you Jill and Shay for opening a Great Place.”

— Nate


Kurt, 30 pounds less… CrossFit looks good on you, Kurt!

Though we promote a healthy eating plan along with the CrossFit WOD, Kurt has managed to lose 30 pounds, and states he has not changed his diet what so ever. NICE RESULTS Kurt! You are proof of the program! 🙂


Scott Before CrossFit… Scott After CrossFit

Before joining CrossFit 906, I did the normal weightlifting/bodybuilding routines. I have to say that I was big and strong, but was not healthy when it came to endurance and cardiovascular health. I have been into fitness and working out since I graduated high school in 1999. I have read numerous books and magazines about body building and lifting. I felt like I knew all I needed to know about working out and fitness. Also when I first started CrossFit, I was extremely leery about doing this workout routine because I was worried that I would lose all the muscle mass that I had gained in the past or I would not hit some of the smaller muscles like the rear delt. I have to say that I was mistaken.

CrossFit the by far the BEST program that I have ever been involved with/learned about. It makes you work harder than you have ever done before. I feel that I get a better workout in the short amount of time a WOD takes compared to the hour plus I did in the past at conventional gyms.

Since beginning CrossFit I have lost almost 20 pounds and look bigger and stronger than I have in the past and I spend over half the time working out. Also in having this endurance I have found myself doing things that I never would have imagined. I have did the Ore to Shore race and finished in the top 25% and by the end of the year I will have done 3 mountain bike races and a half marathon. In the past I never could have done these things. I can say that compared to my old bodybuilding self I can out lift and out run the person I used to be and the same time look bigger and stronger. Also being an avid basketball player I can notice the difference in my vertical and I am running circles around people on the court. How can you go wrong with that? Lastly the support group you have at CrossFit 906 is amazing. Not only the trainers, but all of the members give you support every time you are there. So for those out there who are still leery about loosing size or strength I challenge you to give CrossFit a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! There is a whole new life out there for you that you never knew and all you need is a little CrossFit 906 help.”

— Scott

*Scott placed 2nd of the males in our 6 week LOOK BETTER NAKED CHALLENGE. Awesome results!


I started at CrossFit 906 on July 10, 2011. Before this, I spent months of dieting on my own and not getting the results I was looking for. In January I was 305lbs. I’m happy to say since that in only six weeks at CF906 I’ve lost 22lbs, went from a 3xl shirt to a xl shirt, size 42 pants to a size 38, and got my weight down to 249 lbs and dropping everyday with the zone diet. I could not even run 400m when I first started. I now am able to run them for a warm-up. I switched from the black band to the green band, and am upping the load in the W.O.D. each day. This is the best I have felt in years! I plan to keep this going for years to come. Thanks to the trainers for all the help, and to Jill and Shay for having such a great place to workout at!

— Jj


I joined CrossFit 906 on March 13, 2011 because of my boyfriends encouragement, and it was time for me to get into a exercise program again. For years I have done step aerobic DVD’s in my home. Even though I have quite the variety and would change them up everytime, I found that talking myself out of doing my workouts became more frequent and I eventually just stopped doing them altogether.

Before my first workout with Shay, I watched the video of Jill, Tina, Shay and Bucky doing “Diane” (the deadlift and handstand push up WOD). I have to say, it was pretty intimidating and I swore I would NEVER even attempt to do a HSPU!!! But I went and did my baseline anyway. Looking back I think I was “addicted” from the very first workout! Of course Shay had to help me finish my last couple of pull-ups (with the black band) but still gave me a “good job”. So that was my very first goal, to finish a workout that had pull-ups without a trainers assistance. Before I knew it, I did it! That’s what I do with all the exercises, try to improve a little every time. I went from black band pull-ups to red and blue band, 12″ box jumps to 16″ ( I tried 20″ but that’s still a little too hard), 6# wall balls to 10# and 14# (depending on the WOD), and yes, I am even doing HSPU’s! (with 3 ab mats under my head but it’s a start).

I didn’t get my measurement’s done when I first started but I did in June. Since then I have lost 6 pounds and 7 1/2 inches from my hips and thighs. I feel a lot stronger and more lean than I did 6 months ago. My advice to all newbies, get in and see Tina for your measurements right away..Don’t wait on that. AND take a “before” photo NOW.

I like the fact that the workouts are different everyday and for the most part are short. Now instead of talking myself out of workouts, I find myself excited about them and look forward to seeing what improvements I’ve made. Those of you who know me, know that I am a very competitive person. What better competition than with yourself! LOL

Lastly, I would just like to say how much I enjoy working out with such a supportive group of people and trainers. I’ve had people who I’ve never met before give me a “good job” or “come on you can do it!” during a WOD. And a big thank you to Jill and Shay. You guys are doing an amazing job! Not an easy task with two full time jobs and two kids I’m sure! And to the trainers: Nic, Tina, Shan, Bucky, Nate, and Shawn. You guys rock! I may never get to your level of fitness, but I’m sure gonna try!

— Mick

Sue A.

When Jill asked me if I’d like to do an athlete profile page for CrossFit 906, I was so honored. Me, doing an athlete profile. Up until 4 months ago, my idea of exercise was shifting from one side of my comfy, overstuffed chair to the other. If you sit too long on one side, you start to get “sore”. And sitting in the house was safe. Nobody could see you, nobody could judge you. At home I was in my comfort zone. A place where no one else saw my weaknesses and limitations. But something was missing. People would see my husband out running everyday and ask me if I ran with him. My usual response was “No, I don’t even run to answer the phone”, and that was the truth. The thought of doing any sort of a workout in front of other people terrified me. I am a 53 year old, overweight, extremely sedentary grandma. I’ve also had a tendon transfer done to my left ankle and two major back surgeries. I am definitely not a candidate for CrossFit, one of the most rigorous, effective workout programs there is. I kept hearing about people doing it, saw many vehicles with a lime green sticker on them, and I had been logging on to the CF906 website for quite a few months. I kept going onto the website, following the workouts, seeing who was doing it, all while thinking this was something I could never, ever do. BUT…I knew Jill and Shay, and I knew they would never do something they did not believe in for themselves or others. It took me a few months to finally make the decision. I joined CrossFit 906 on June 9, 2011, and by doing so, I found myself.

I met with Jill that night and was introduced to what was to be my new life. She was amazing! She could see how terrified I was, and just kept reassuring me that everything is geared to each individual, and with consistency and commitment, results would come. That night I did my baseline. I have to admit, and this is putting it mildly, I thought I was going to die! Squat to a ball…are you kidding me? Do you know how long my legs are? Surely I must have a disadvantage over the shorter people. Thank goodness pushups were chest to floor. At least there I had the advantage, or so I thought. I was only able to do 1/4-1/2 of everything. My squats were to the weight bench with 2 blue plates stacked on top of it, and I was only able to do 12 of them. I didn’t even attempt a pull up on the bar. And when I was finished with everything, sweating like I hadn’t done since high school basketball, gasping for air, trying to stand upright, lack of oxygen or delirium must have set in, because I mustered up one last bit of strength and wrote out a check. I was committed (at least for the next 22 workouts). I was going to do CrossFit. And I made darn sure I left there that night with my lime green sticker!!!

And so it began. I went to my “on-ramp” sessions, usually at 6:00am with Nate. He is an awesome trainer. Very encouraging, always praising, even when I knew praise was not always due. In the beginning, I wondered what the heck I had done. Whatever made me think I could do this? More than once in those first few weeks I left in tears. Would I ever see results? Would I ever be able to do a squat, pull up, run? Would I? Little did I know that Jill, Shay, Nate, Nic, Shan, Tina, Bucky, and now Shawn, really did know what they were doing. Little did I know that by never missing a workout I was improving. I now squat below parallel every time. I don’t use the bench for push-ups anymore. I’m slowly getting the hang of pull-ups, but still do ring rows with pride. My lifts have improved each time, and my personal best deadlift is 235#. Little did I know that the rowing would eventually lead to running. And that I try to do a 5000m row everyday, keeping it under 25 minutes. Little did I know how many new friends I would make. Little did I know I was falling in love with CrossFit 906. I have lost 15.6 pounds (I earned that .6 so I’m documenting it), and many inches. And they say muscle weighs more than fat so I’m actually down about, oh I’d say 906 pounds or so! I’m down 2 pant sizes, all my clothes fit differently, and I sport any scrapes and bruises with pride. When I see a drop of my sweat on the floor of the “box”, well, you’d think I just struck gold. Such a proud moment! For anyone thinking about CrossFit 906, all I can say is give it a chance, you will not regret it one bit. I’m not saying it’s easy, and my idea of “sore” has definitely changed. But I can guarantee you this, once you walk through the door, see what it’s all about, watch your fellow Crossfitters in action, you will be hooked.

Thank you, Jill and Shay, for following YOUR hearts and making dreams come true…MINE definitely have.

— Sue A.


5 months at CrossFit 906–Jared is down 43 pounds and has lost 7 inches from his waist alone. Keep it up Jared! We are soo proud of you!

I took the plunge and started at CrossFit906 in August 2011. I was in the worst shape of my life at the time and was close to just accepting the way I felt and looked. I had back and neck problems, shoulder problems, a family history of heart problems, some early signs of diabetes and very little energy at the end of every day. What bothered me the most is it literally hurt to play and wrestle around with my kids.

I heard about CrossFit through Facebook and some friends that had been doing it. Two consistencies were they were all excited to be doing it, even the ones that had been at it for awhile, and they were all in better shape than I remembered them being in many years ago. I initially assumed CrossFit was more of an aerobic program and wouldn’t give me the strength growth I was looking for. The one thing that initially attracted me to the program is that the workouts are typically done in 20 minutes or less. I am up at 3 or 4 A.M. for my job and don’t get home until 5 or 6 P.M. most days, so doing a 2hr workout was just not an option. So I looked at the website and saw some weight lifting pictures and noticed there was a fair amount of strength training exercises in the daily workouts. I messaged Shay on Facebook about joining and we set up a time for me to see the box and have a short but (intense) workout. To be completely honest I didn’t think it was going to be at all tiring. After all it was just some rowing, pushups, situps, squats(without weight) and a few pullups. How hard could that be? 3 days later and as sore as I ever remember being. I was hooked and consistently going.

Along with the CrossFit program I decided to start The Zone Diet. I noticed the change in energy during the workout literally within 2 days. The results I am getting from CrossFit are beyond my wildest expectations!! The one thing I would seriously recommend is taking a picture and getting measured right when you start. I didn’t take a picture until I had already lost 10lbs and I didn’t have my measurements taken until one month after I started. You may not like the numbers then, but trust me when I say those numbers will change fast as long as you’re consistent with your workouts. When I started in mid August I weighed 235lbs and had a 42″+ waist. I currently weigh 192 and my last measurements showed I had a 35″ waist. I lost over 16″ total from my first measurement to my second one. My shoulders feel amazing, my back and neck feel like new and I don’t get dizzy and light headed during the day like I used to. Most importantly I can play with my kids without being in pain. There is some irony in CrossFit. When I started I could barely run 800m and I couldn’t do a pullup without a band. Now I am running with a 45lb plate and doing pullups with no bands and a 20lb weighted vest. So I guess I lost all this weight only to wear it again doing pullups and running (ha ha).

The trainers here are all amazing!! They really care if you are doing the exercise or lift correctly and they offer so much encouragement it really makes you feel comfortable trying anything. Most of the time I don’t even need to ask for help, they ask me if I need it, whether I do or not. The other members are great too!! They push me to work harder and help me get that last rep, even when I don’t think I can. I guess if I were to sum it all up I would say that CrossFit is the only program I have ever done where I feel like I owe more to it than it owes to me. I would recommend it to anyone and I look forward to continuing success doing it.

— Jared

Vanda, Sue & Cassie



Hi, my name is Vanda. You have probably seen me at the box. I am 67 years old and I love my CrossFit 906! My Daughter and I started going when Shay and Jill opened CF906 in November 2010. I was never so scared and excited in all my life. I started out so lame, I bet Shay and Jill wished they would never have agreed to letting me join the group. It has been over a year and I’m still going and loving it so much. I have lost a ton of weight and inches. My Doctor calls me “Mrs. Skinny.” My blood work has never been better! I feel absolutely wonderful about myself and have improved 100% from when I started. I go on a daily basis and I would recommend CrossFit to anyone. I’ve even gotten my Doctor’s nurse interested. I will probably (notice I said probably) never be able to go full capacity on most of the WODs, but I love my “906” family and all the trainers who have helped get me where I am. One day I hope to do Kipping pull-ups and hand-stand pushups.

— Vanda


When my Mom asked if I wanted to start exercising at this new gym starting up, I thought, okay, it will be cool to work out with my Mom! I had no idea what I was getting into. My first thought was, “Yea right, I couldn’t do a pull up in gym class, who would expect that of me at this age?” Anyway, I gave it my best and am so appreciative of how patient and instructive Jill and Shay have been. I feel stronger physically and love the stronger bond with my Mom. I do have mixed feelings when Vanda beats my time and/or weight in a WOD. On one hand, I’m so proud of her. On the other, I’m thinking, “OMG, my Mom is beating me!” I have since convinced my daughter Cassie to join and love the fact that she is so dedicated and I get to spend more time with her too! Thank you Jill and Shay for letting us be a part of your CrossFit 906 family.

— Sue


I started CrossFit 906 in June of 2011. This was one of the best things I have done for myself and have not felt this good in years. I haven’t lost a lot of weight but I’ve lost inches, my clothes fit better, and most importantly, I feel stronger! I have never been excited about a workout before in my life and I have not had such intense workouts since my high school sports days. I also hadn’t worked out in years before joining CrossFit because I could not honestly find the time during PA school and find the motivation to keep exercising with no results. My mom and grandma kept telling me about CrossFit and that the workouts were short, intense, and fun in many ways and you will see results. I really did not believe them at first until after seeing their results after just a few months! They looked great and they seemed to really enjoy it – so I finally gave in and decided to give it a try (and I didn’t want my mom to look better than me at my own wedding – Just kidding, Mom!)! But, I’ve been hooked ever since and try not to miss too many WODs, plus it’s been really great spending time with my mom and grandma doing something we all enjoy.

Additionally, some of my patients are fellow CrossFitters and I have seen it through their improvements in weight, laboratory results (cholesterol mainly), and their overall well-being. I’ve also been recommending it to friends, family and patients that want to start an exercise routine but just can’t find something that seems to fit them and they can stick with. I think CrossFit is definitely something that can be worked into your daily routine and you’ll be grateful for it!

— Cassie

Team Hodges


Our foray into CrossFit began after my personal journey to rebuild following a major life change. I sought to erase the effects of poor life choices and a newly found desk style career. It was both slightly vain and coincidental in nature. After a late life decision to wear art on my back as a reminder, while seeking some then unknown ‘balance’ in my new life. Soon after, I was thereby, not wanting to be ashamed to display that art on our upcoming family vacation of a life time.

I wracked my brain as to how to achieve that goal quickly and easily, prior to the revelation that nothing worth -while comes easily. At that moment it occurred to me Shawn needed a return to the commitment she had addressed at a different facility. Her goals being focused on weight reduction and strengthening. Ben was toiling in our meager home basement gym to build strength and tone his growing shape, with military aspirations. Brett, like I, had never trained in any way in our lives, and surely was in need of some strengthening for his health and betterment.

I immediately and quietly looked into the most publicly visible gym to me. I was well aware of the small army like numbers of attendees of CF906. I studied via this web site. I was admittedly both intrigued by and intimidated by the super human like feats. Yet I knew, and even worked with many of these athletes in the past. I took a leap of faith and enrolled all four of us for a consult, with hopes of not failing miserably. Shawn warmly welcomed and guided us through the baseline. Tina kindly and supportively molded us through “On Ramp”, with occasional experiences with all of the unique and skilled trainers.

The anxieties at times lingered. But, we soon realized there were no ‘exit exams’. No goals/ demands that were not self imposed. And we all have many yet to strive for. It was Shay who comforted us with these words: “you have all the time in the world to get there”.

Our RESULTS have been profound indeed! I have ended my quest for, by obtaining balance in my life, in body, mind, and spirit. Shawn has achieved phenomenal measurable and immeasurable in body and spirit alike. Ben has made great strides in strength, endurance, and skills gained. Plus he has improved his attitude immensely. Brett quietly rolls through each and every work out, while diligently marching forward toward gains in strength, confidence, and serenity.

The camaraderie, support, and nurturing culture the Korpi’s , Trainers, and ‘cast of characters’ offer the community is beyond belief. I am addicted to working my family with CF906’s ongoing and ever growing family. Thank you!!

—Kevin, Shawn, Brett (15), Ben (13)



Hi, my name is Charlie. I am 55 years old and I love my workouts at CROSSFIT 906! Last year, my son Lucas, did CrossFit workouts between the end of football season and the beginning of track season. I watched the fat melt away from his mid section and I watched his upper body get stronger.

My wife, Annie started CrossFit last July. I remember hugging her only a few weeks after she started crossfit and felt muscle where there hadn’t muscle before. The results I saw in Annie and Lucas convinced me to join CrossFit 906. However, I was apprehensive since I have had three surgeries on my knee and I cannot run or jump. Jill and Shay said “no problem” and made accommodations for me.

I have been doing CrossFit workouts since mid October and I am amazed at the improvements. I have lost fat and increased muscle mass and strength. I can’t wait to find out what the workout of the day will be!

Thank you to Jill and Shay and all the trainers at CrossFit 906.

— Charlie


Well, let me start by saying that I am (was) probably one of the most uncoordinated , unmotivated athletes of all time. In grade school, I was always the last one chosen for teams. I dreaded gym class. I had a list of excuses why I couldn’t exercise that was a mile long. I even had been heard saying that I was “allergic to exercise.” My idea of exercise was an occasional stroll and chat with a friend/ possible walk on my fancy treadmill with a book to read/ or a short paddle in a canoe…

Then, Jill Korpi and CrossFit entered my life. Jill began to exercise using the CrossFit program – she and Shay opened CrossFit 906 – and urged me to try CrossFit. Jill works across the hall from me. “Urging me to try it” means she suggests I try CrossFitt on a nearly daily basis for 2 years straight – You know how passionate she is about CrossFit! Many of our co-workers joined CrossFit 906, but I am a “Mis-fit.”

Finally, Summer of 2011 comes around…My husband is still reminding me to exercise – We attended a conference at the Olympic Training Center in New York and hear that CrossFit is a top exercise program – So, I decide – Finally, I’ll just try it.

Well, my life has made quite a “turn-around” since then. I went in for that first baseline workout. Jill said we were going to do a “little workout.” Not for me…It was a “huge workout”! I then do the 20 on-ramp workouts. The trainers patiently teach me and cheer me on. I go home after workouts and use an ice pack and a heating pad. I am so excited when I do my post-baseline and see my progress. I love how we write all our workouts and times and reps and weights in our notebooks, so we are charting our course and “competing” with ourselves. I love how the WODS can be modified to meet me where I am at and how I can advance when I feel ready to advance.

I love how everyone at CrossFit is so friendly and helpful especially the trainers and owners. They have been so encouraging and patient in teaching (and still teaching) me good form. I love how CrossFit is involving children and supporting good causes. Actually, I love how everyone is welcome at CrossFit!

I started CrossFit 906 last summer simply because my husband and Jill kept reminding me that I needed to exercise and I wanted to satisfy them. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I didn’t want to do it. I thought these short workouts would just make everyone happy! I soon learned, though, that these short workouts were, in fact, quite intense and the workouts became an important part of each of my summer days. I’d check the website for the daily workout – challenging myself to improve – planning my day around the workout – Shay, Jill, all the trainers and members of CrossFit helping me along the way. My sons at home were encouraging me, as well (My youngest son, Lucas, also is a CrossFitter.)

School began in the fall and I realized that I had become stronger. I could lift my school box full of a computer, books, homework, etc. from the ground into my car – just like a deadlift – “a functional movement” – just like Jill says – “with no problem” – I couldn’t do that comfortably in the spring…

Anyhow, my husband, Charlie, joined CrossFit in the fall. This has helped keep me motivated for sure! I love how the exercises are varied and arranged to maximize the strengthening of various muscle groups. My husband and I can really see a difference in our body shapes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to CrossFit 906!! For getting me to exercise – For improving my health – For sharing this great community with me – For bringing CrossFit 906 to Ishpeming!!

— Annie

The Morning W.O.D. Squad is made up of the following 906ers:
Shan, Nic, Carla, Jen M., Jen H., Denise B., Tanya R., Becky L., Laurie B. and Vanda

Laurie B.

I initially joined CrossFit 906 to become a stronger person. After Steve died, I knew that I would have to be stronger physically, to do the things around the house that would need to be done. Little did I know, that I would become stronger inside as well. I looked at the CrossFit 906 website for two months before getting up the courage to message Jill for a consult.

I was so comfortable doing On Ramp. Both Nichole and Shannon were/are great trainers. I started to get worried as I got closer to “graduating” know that I would be going on to do the WOD. I used to see the ladies that met at 8:30 as they were walking out and I was going in for On Ramp. To tell the truth, they kind of scared me. Patty Maki always smiled, and I appreciated that. I sort of knew Sue Anderson, and she would tell me to join them when I was done with On Ramp. Nic, too, would invite me to join the group. So, I did, and never looked back.

Everyone just accepted me like I’d always been with them. Everyone would encourage me along the way. I so appreciated that as I am old enough to be most of their moms (bad grammar?!). Now, I don’t know what I would do without these terrific ladies to work out with. We help each other along the way, encourage each other, and never do we judge what one can do and the other can’t. Only positive words are spoken!! Truth be known, I would not do what I do at CF906 by myself. We are so many ages, but all the same in our journey towards fitness and better living.
-Laurie B.


I’ll make this short and sweet!! These ladies are wonderful to wod with, not only are they dedicated athletes but fantastic friends! Every morning I look forward to seeing them and hearing about how things are going in there day to day life. We have all developed a friendship that we can count for support both in and out of the box! We know how far and when to push each other during a wod. I believe this friendship happened without us even being aware of it. We know each others weakness and strengths. I am blessed to have such a great group of ladies to wod with. They accept me for who I am and what I can and can’t do. Even if they do call me “Jillian” I Love these CF906 athletes!


The “Morning WOD Squad” is very special to me for many of reasons. I started going to the “box” early in the mornings because it fits my schedule. I think I started doing my woding with Nichole first and she inspired and coached and encouraged me to do more. Then Laurie, Jen Maki, Jen Hill, Tanya Roukilainen, Denise Bannen started coming. Chris Sguoris is one of the group along with Becky Lemire and Carla Kennedy. We all work well together,along with whining and complaining,but we get it done! The girls are young and strong, so it is fun for me to try and keep up. I love those people!

My goal last year was to run the mile without stopping..Done! Thanks to Chris Johns, who was with me all the way. My goals for this year are kipping pull ups,and real hand stand push up. Nichole won’t let Laurie and I use the green band anymore. I might want to do a real rope climb also. And Sue Danielson, Laurie, Carla and I are doing the “Mud Plunge” this year also. Laurie and I call “The young ones” our daughters. We laugh ,cry ,and genuinely like each other. Long live “The Morning WOD Squad”!

Carla K.

CrossFit 906 is my saving grace!! It’s my physical therapy… Not to mention the great people I have to work out with every day. They have become so much more than that. I love them and am soo happy I have them in my life.
-Carla K.


I like to WOD with “The Wod Squad” because they’re such a great bunch of people! We push each other, share new fitness ideas and info., and have become friends. Not only do we talk fitness, but we also share advice about life in general. Those ladies have helped me out more times than they realize. So thankful this group got started!!

Tanya R.

I surprised myself when I made the decision to start CrossFit 906 considering the few people I knew were merely acquaintances, and I’ve never been one to want to go to the gym alone. I found comraderie with Nichole.. from the fact that I knew her sister and she knew mine. When I neared the end of my OnRamp she suggested I come in the mornings so I had someone to do the WODs with. I felt a bit out of place and extremely intimidated by a few of the girls in the morning group. They all knew each other and to be honest all the grunting and screaming freaked me out! After about 5 or 6 times of working out with them we started to get to know each other. They have come to be amazing friends that keep me committed.. and some days only for the fact that my day isn’t complete without seeing them. We have a wide range of ages in our group and we all push each other celebrate each others goals and simply are accountable to each other. I love every person in this group and I know that good days or bad they will all be there to support me whether it’s CrossFit wise or personal life, they are my own personal group therapy and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
-Tanya R.

Becky L.

I started at CrossFit 906 in November 2011 and ended up falling for the hard work, awesome results and encouraging trainers and other athletes. In the first 2 months I lost 10 1/4 inches. I was shocked! Though I’ve only lost about 5 pounds from when I started, I’ve lost more inches since then, dropped clothing sizes, and feel amazing and strong. I think I even grew a 1/2 inch due to increased core strength making me have better posture (that’s a big deal for us shorties).

I started working out with the morning group when school started last year and was welcomed in with open arms. These women (and a guy or two) are the most inspiring and motivational women I could have ever worked out with. They are older than me, younger than me, taller than me, shorter than me (hard to believe but true), have had such different life experiences and challenges than I have had, but all as encouraging as the next. We start our mornings with current events, venting, sharing exciting news or sad news, and when that’s all out of the way we get our WOD out of the way. We all finish at different times, different weights, and different modifications, but we finish with cheering on and great encouragement.

Getting up and knowing there will be at least one person wondering where I am if I don’t show up to our morning WOD makes it easier to get moving once I get my family sent out the door for the day. I’m sending a HUGE thank you out to you all for keeping it fun and holding me accountable!
-Becky L.


I started CrossFit 906 on 12.3.10. I was looking to gain some upper body strength. I had been a walker for about the last 15 years of my life with some bursts of running and/or aerobic exercise. The WODs were a huge challenge for me mostly because they were so new and different compared to anything I had done before. I loved the social aspect and the atmosphere (loud music!!) I loved how I felt after every workout. The encouragement and training along with the reassurance that I was doing great was so important.

The first 3 months I often doubted if CrossFit was right for me. I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to be a Crossfitter.. A competitive edge.. A desire to push myself to be stronger, better, faster.. Then I met Jen and Patti Maki.

I am convinced that having someone to consistently WOD with was the key for me. I found out that I could get better, stronger, & faster. Every time I went up in a band or weight it gave me the desire to keep going and to shoot for the next level of accomplishment. When I would do something I never thought I could do it made me stronger inside and out. I grew to love CrossFit for this reason and much more.. such as it’s fun.. From handstand push-ups, somersaults, and partner WODs. And there are purposeful and inspirational hero WODs. But he friendships I’ve created is the biggest gain. It started with Jen and Patti and grew from there.

My morning WOD girls are my rock and foundation. They keep me on track. Knowing they’ll be there every morning helps me to motivate. I love them and they support me at the box and in life. Sometimes I have to WOD at other times and that’s nice too. It’s beneficial to go at other times. WOD with other friends, make new connections, or cheer on a newcomer. Ultimately I can’t wait to get back to my morning girls.. They are where my heart is at. A great big hug of love to everyone along the way who’s encouraged me, picked up or set up for me, trained me, pushed me, or cheered me on. And a big shout out to Shay and Jill for bringing CF906 to our lil community.


I joined the CF906 crew in April, 2011 and I had no clue what was going to change in my life. I was 10-week post c-section for baby #2 and I’ve never been in such terrible shape. I could not run 200 meters without stopping. I was a mess! I remember repeatedly asking the ever-so-tolerant Jill, “Is this seriously supposed to be THIS hard?” Jill would respond happily, “yes it is, but it will get easier.” Trust me, I didn’t believe her either, but it was true! I’m grateful for my stubbornness that helped me continue, but mostly for the people that I get to thankfully call my friends. These gals make hitting the box a fun, social and health enhancing adventure that never gets old!! Our ages never matter, cause we are all there for the same reasons: health, happiness and a whole lot of fun!!

Jen M.

I started CF906 on 1-2-11 and boy was I excited and scared. I’d previously been working out with a personal trainer at another facility and found my love of working out and eating healthy there. After 1 yr there I was able to lose all the post baby weight unfortunately I got busy with kids and family and sidelined with a work injury and put back on a lot of the weight I lost. I was feeling stuck and not loving exercising at all then my hubby got into it with shay n said u need to try this I know you’ll love it. Well I got my injury better and immediately set up my appt with Jill for my baseline….. wow was I scared! I thought since I’d been working out some it wouldn’t be too bad.. ha ha yeah! Well, needless to say it sucked but I loved every minute of it… I was hooked! I found I could easily fit it into my day with quick workouts and that was important with a little one.

After 2 months I got my mother in law to join and together we found mornings worked best which lead me to this great group of girls. I love each of them so differently yet know at times I probably would’ve given up on it without them. I love how we all cheer and push eachother whether we are first to finish or last. I love how they are there to hear my stories good or bad and pick me right back up. I love how they don’t judge anything about me. So after 2+ years I WOD because this is family. And I love them all and hold a piece of them all in my heart n thoughts regularly. And..who doesn’t love being with their family?! Love you girls!
-Jen M.

Nicole and Troy H.



I started CrossFit 906 back in Jan of 2011, at the old box. I knew I wanted to do something to lose some extra weight I had put on and to become healthier. Once I realized what CrossFit was all about and saw Jill’s results, I knew it was something I had to try. A gym that actually told you what to do daily is exactly what I needed! I hated spending more than an hour at a regular gym (which wasn’t very often) and not knowing what to do once I got there.

When I did my “baseline” I thought to myself, “It can’t be that bad” ha! Was I wrong! My body has never felt anything quite like it! I needed assistance on the pull-ups, I didn’t even have the strength to stretch the black band because my legs were like jello. I barely remember the ride home, I think I saw stars the whole way haha. I spent an hour on my couch coughing up a lung, I thought, this is it, my new “hell” haha! jk Jill.

I did the OnRamp pretty strictly and was starting to see results! I was loving it and was really wanting my boyfriend (at the time) Troy to join with me. He just kept telling me, “I’d rather go to a normal gym” and my reply was always “but you DON’T GO to a normal gym” Haha! So that spring he finally gave it a shot. I’ll let him jump in and tell you his story.


CROSSFIT…CROSSFIT?? WHAT IS THAT? Naw, I don’t think that’s for me. If I’m gonna work out again, I’m going to a “gym” like I always…did. That’s what I told Nicole the first time she brought it up to me, “Everyone that does that seems to take it a little too hardcore”. I had a million excuses and not an ounce of facts to back them. I’ve always enjoyed working out but for the longest time I kept telling myself “Monday is my day”… needless to say many, many Mondays came and went. The mind has a way of convincing you that the image in the mirror is the same from high school, which it did for me. So, I sat there, watching Nicole come home from the box, dead tired, yet happy as hell and quickly shedding whatever “fat” she thought she had. Then it came to me, I proposed, she said yes, and I want to look good for my wedding!

Reluctantly I went, literally scared all day. Nicole came home, still having to force me to go, and it began! A reality check. Partly that I was wickedly out of shape, mostly that I loved CrossFit. I did my baseline, started rowing and all I heard was Shay saying, “You’re killing it”, in my head I thought, you think that’s good, watch this! I grabbed the pull-up bar…pulled, still pulling…”My god, I’m not moving”! Shay grabs a black band, I think to myself, “Come on man!” Well, black band and all, Shay was still grabbing my legs and lifting me up. The rest involved me finishing, stumbling, and getting to know Mr. Pukie outside the box! The weird part is, once I “came to” on my couch hours later, I was addicted! I couldn’t get enough. The strength gains I was getting were great and I loved the mental battle such as: “I’m gonna stop after 2 rounds–keep going. Who will know or care if I cut a couple reps–you’ll hate yourself at the end”, and so on…

CrossFit 906 isn’t only about getting stronger physically, it turns you into a mental monster! Your will and pride in yourself jump leaps and bounds. For me, my work schedule limits what my wife and I can do but this is something we love to do together. My one bit of advice is to try it. Love it, hate it, whatever, just try it. I guarantee you, both of those emotions will be felt at one time or another if you stick with it. Thank you Jill and Shay for introducing it into our lives, we truly enjoy ALMOST every second of it.

Nicole continued…

We both moved to the new box with all the other Crossfitters! We loved it and were meeting new friends. I never thought I would be talking about what my next WOD would be and trying to beat my last time.

Next I found out we were going to have a baby! We were so excited! I had just increased my weights again and was practicing handstand push-ups. I was a little leery about working out still, until Jill told me about CrossFit Mom. The website is, it’s great! They have the daily WODs on there just like ours, scaled down of course, and they go by what trimester you are in.

We were both pretty consistent the first 2 trimesters, but must admit we jumped on the “lazy train” this last trimester! All I know is that I cannot wait to get back into it and actually push myself with a timer! I have 3 1/2 weeks left until our little peanut arrives and am most certainly hoping that staying active at CrossFit 906 will help with the labor and bring us a healthy baby!

Miss you and see you all soon!!
-Troy, Nicole and future Crossfitter Heikkinen

Hilary R.


I was getting frustrated with myself because I had been gaining all my weight back I had previously lost. I had been checking out CF906’s website for quite some time but was too nervous to join, and finally one day just bit the bullet and forced myself to go in and have a consult with Tina. From then on I was hooked in June of 2011. After OnRamp was completed was so nervous about the WOD. I had seen Kristie P. there a few times and asked her to do a WOD with me and we’ve been partners ever since!

In the fall of 2011 I was feeling great and my clothes were loose. I had originally had my measurements taken but didn’t do it again because I found I was expecting our first baby! At first, I was unsure I would be able to continue my workouts with Kristie but quickly learned about CF mom and was able to carry on until 38 weeks. The doctor was aware of my exercising and was supportive since it was something that I was doing prior to pregnancy and she was aware I am very stubborn and would probably do it anyway! I have to admit that even on the days I was extra tired or just not feeling well; a workout was the best medicine because I would leave feeling great!
Rowen was born on June 18th 2012 by emergency C-section leading me to take off 10 weeks from my workouts. I missed it so much I would ride my bike with Rowen in car seat strapped into a bike trailer to visit at the box! Before I knew it, I was able to return and start again only to find out in the fall of 2012 I was expecting again! As usual I continued on with my workouts, but this time I was able to do more of my regular WOD’s just modified here and there as I grew. I made it through 35 weeks and had to stop my workouts. Carsen was born on July 19th also by C-section. After 8 weeks passing I am cleared to resume my workouts which in result are a cure for my mental and physical health! This time I have retaken my measurements and will be starting all over, and NO! There will be no more babies this fall. Haha.
I have to thank Kristie P. for continuing to be a friend and a partner who encourages me all the way! As well as my sister Jen, Kathy, and all of the fellow CF906ers. Sept 15th I was able to return to CF906, 8 weeks out from my surgery. I feel that participating in the workouts throughout my pregnancies not only made me feel better and healthier but allowed me to recover a little quicker. We are happy to back!
-Hilary R.